Thursday, May 31, 2012

dynasty swimsuit / 200.

so this is the first and only swimsuit that i have ever made, and i made it about a year ago. alas, it has gone unphotographed. when i was working on it i knew i wanted an emerald mermaid colored swimsuit and i did not want to make a standard triangle or bandeau top string bikini. i like one piece swimsuits a tremendous lot but i am too short to wear most. so i decided to make a very 80s, dynasty soap opera looking swimsuit. something that would look awesome with big hair and diamonds and a bad attitude.

and hells bells are swimsuits difficult to photograph! i tried to go outside because, man oh martian, wearing sunglasses inside is not my thing. but outside there were two enormous wasps trying to chase me down. the one wasp has been around for a while and ian swears it is a sweet thing but it is a wasp and now it has a terrible wasp friend. and i am not apt to believe that most anything is sweet. especially insects. 

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