Saturday, October 29, 2011

one last caress

i feel like and look like i slept all of six minutes last night, which would not be so far from the truth and so far from the norm for most any friday i suppose, except the biker bar just got a paint job and that toxic enamel smell and all those blinking ghouls the nicotine and beer all fried my insides for the morning. i am probably listening to more of the misfits the cramps and the damned more than anyone probably should. ever wake up singing i got something to say, i killed your baby today and it doesn't matter much to me as long as it's dead. yikes. that's too much for any morning to handle. even halloween saturday weekend mornings especially when one likes kids and would never eats them. but i probably like kids as much as i like danzig. tomato tomato.

so we should listen to the business together. maybe we are having the same morning and we both need more misfits in our lives. i should be danzig for halloween. i will just run around topless in tight pants and black eyeliner.

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