Wednesday, October 19, 2011

strange powers

i wore a beret to school today because i did not feel like washing my hair. these looks always seem like looks but really they are logical, ah to bee, choices. mostly eugenides' new novel just came out, and though the cover and the title press one to assume a sincerely negative idea, so far the story is good enough to keep me up late and good enough to get me up at 5a, with three point five hours before class, and still no time to wash my hair. that is pretty good for a book on the marriage plot, which i keep face down on my desk because i would not want someone to mistake me for someone that is looking to get hooked, which would be a definite calamity and one i would feel i would need to explain away. but referencing books with titles like the virgin suicides and/or middlesex may definitely change the case, but i am not certain it would be so great a difference. so i would far rather be seen as someone in strange tights with a strange beret. or even someone too busy to wash her hair.

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