Friday, November 18, 2011

scout songs

campfire party tonight. 

&i just took in this awesome men's western shirt i found at the consignment shop, so now it fits me spot on &very much could become my favorite camping shirt. 

ian & i are going camping in 2 weeks at the springs &i am very excited, though i really really really want a nice red & black flannel hunting cap with ear flaps to go with the marmot jacket i found last week for a steal. but ian already surprised me with a hiking pack, the one i had my eye on for ages, so i cannot be too obsessive about a hunting cap. though i really want one. even though i do not eat animals i would like something very close to that fantastic get up elmer fudd has. 

i already found some vintage riding pants i am working on fixing up & also some very interesting vintage harem pants that are about 8 sizes too big that i know i can do something with. 

i have the next 9 days off to sew to write to have fun and see my best friends & family. only problem is i lost my driver's license somewhere & cannot seem to find it, which means i may have to go to the dmv monday morning. quelle horreur.

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