Sunday, February 19, 2012

little hand says it's time to rock n roll.

yesterday i found 2 billabong zip up surf bikinis (1 hot pink and 1 black) at the surf warehouse, which only sells back stock and only stays in the mall 2 months a year. these were 40 bucks (10 bucks a piece). then i went to fredricks and found a silver hologram bikini bottoms with this cool deco look for 7 bucks on clearance and a cute garter belt mini slip in black and plaid for 10. then i found a pair of peach super skinny jeans that fit like a dream for 12 bucks!

then i found point break! seriously. i love bodhi. i love the ex presidents. i love quoting this movie. but mostly swayze is the coolest coolest coolest dude ever.

then i got to pet bunnies for a while while ian bought a rat for the snake! and he said when slinky (this 19 year old boa constrictor) dies then i can have a bunny because i cannot have a kitten because ian is allergic. 

pretty much the greatest shopping day ever. i am still looking for a pair of high waist shorts and i want a pair of rainbow flip flops, but i do not want to pay 50 bucks. 

and now, to go back to swayze and how awesome he was i leave you with swayze and farley doing the greatest skit of all time:

vaya con dios, dude.

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