Saturday, April 14, 2012

dead eye grey eye

this week is coming down to the parts where i begin looking worse for the wear. since last saturday i have not slept more than 3 hours a night mostly because i have been so busy that when i try to pause my brain just will not take part. this is causing me to be a super space cadet. yesterday i lectured on a joyce carol oates story and took my ipod to class so i could play dylan's "it's all over now, baby blue" (the story is dedicated to dylan because of this song) and i totally lost/left my ipod there. it is definitely gone gone gone.

i blame this on my subconscious and how i probably sabotaged the ipod because all week i have been making people feel terrible about how unethical and awful apple is, being that my old ipod is the only apple product i've ever owned, and i got it for my birthday 6 years ago, ce la vie. suicide nets. ugh. what a terrible company.

it is just going to make working at the welding shop on my days off from school a little more boring. bowie just makes drilling pipe and lugging heavy steel rods around a little more funky.

hopefully someone found it that digs little richard and girl groups and funk. if not. be damned. oh well. i will buy an mp3 player that does not have an apple on it and hopefully comes in bright orange.

i am so stunt blank out of it, i had to go to two libraries today to find james joyce's dubliners so i could read a story one of my students is writing about. i not only kept going to fitzgerald (for some reason, i could not get fitzgerald outta my skull) but by the time i got the book home and started reading the story, i realized i have definitely already read "the dead". i've read this story at least five times in my recent years.

i cannot keep my eyes open. but i cannot keep them shut either. i need a dream tank. wait. last saturday night i feel asleep in the hot tub. maybe i just need to be submerged in hot water with a scuba mask on my face.

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