Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ginger, dear.

our whole garden is blooming and growing. everything is green and beautiful. these are tropical ginger flowers. ian likes to cut the strangest plants in the gardens and bring them inside. the look is very modern and simple.

i've been working and studying all day, but now i am very bored.

we are in the beginning stages of finishing the renovations to the sewing room / laundry room, so the sun room is stacked with strange things like a porcelain sink, tiki torch oil, antique shop tools and an old boa constrictor. on Easter my dad and ian moved the electricity in the room so we are now able to stack the washer and dryer. tonight we are hunting for wood cabinets that match the ones in the kitchen then we start laying the slate tile. 

hopefully it will all be done in less than a month. the end results of renovating are always always excellent, but doing the work is exhausting.

my garden looks great too. the cucumbers have doubled in size and i have about eight tomatoes. on Easter my mom gave me three rare kinds of tomato plants, but i have not planted them yet because i do not know where to put them and also, who knew dirt could be so expensive. you would not believe how much i have spent on soil this month. 

oh well, i cannot wait to have the sewing room back together so i can finally start cutting patterns again on that old butcher block table.

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