Wednesday, May 30, 2012

garry winogrand is awesome

his "women are beautiful" series was featured at the tampa museum of art about a year ago, and i still think about his photographs. all the women he photographs appear as if in a penultimate space in time. like each is living on the edge of something. or at the spring of something. his photographs are just like what i want my world to be like. even the most mundane parts of the world appear beautiful and glamorous and well-prepared and smart. even though the world is this static thing, and our days mirror the same measure, there are ways that we can correlate the parts to make something beautiful and meaningful and fluid. he reminds me of that. of the necessity of these kinds of connections.

these are the kinds of things i think about at 4a when i cannot sleep. i think about art and girls in photographs but do not realize until morning, when my hair is dry and helmet-shaped, that i never washed the conditioner out when i took a shower. it not only slipped my mind, but it never occurred to me as something that did not happen. i am so spacey on the basics. i suppose that is okay, especially if attempting to think about other parts that seem more significant and more perplexing right now.

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