Sunday, June 10, 2012

birthday sweet

i have not updated in a few days because i have been busy with big adventures. on friday, (my birthday) my mom took me to a formal tea ceremony and it was amazing. she took me to get a mani/pedi, where i ran into a friend i've know since kindergarten. then ian took me to the tampa museum of modern art, where we met up with some friends and had some drinks, then wandered through the museum. we went to see this really awesome chair exhibit (it sounds sort of nuts, yes, but it was an exhibit on furniture design / architecture / interior design and it was amazing). then ian took me to my favorite independent thai restaurant and we went out for drinks. had a late night.

but woke up ridiculously early the next morning and went on an 8 mile adventure. we kayaked through the mangroves for about 4 hours off wheedon island. the mangroves were like caves and it was pretty dark under the brush. at some parts along the path it was so narrow we had to pull our paddles apart and just use one side as an oar. we saw a group of fifteen manatees, sting rays, ospreys, rosette spoonbills and a million other things. it was so awesome.

today is my birthday dinner at my parent's house and my mom is making my favorite cake in the entire world, which is a Polynesian wedding cake. this has been the best birthday ever. (also, some of the presents i have received are a new white iphone with a char gable case, which makes the phone last for three days and a pair of new balance trail running shoes that i have wanted for over a year. so stoked on trying them out this morning. well, time to get on with the day. here is to summer adventures! xo. 

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