Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the list: current summer obsessions.

 here's the do and for of summertime days by a born and raised floridian:

the talking heads
short shorts with knee boots on rainy days
peach colored lips
the organic hot peppers from my garden
the organic chocolate cherry tomatoes from my garden
the organic spicy oregano from my garden
painting rooms
painting my nails pastel
riding my bike in the rain
running on the golf course with dante in the rain
kayaking through the mangroves
backyard parties
the beach boys
french trash novels
dog earring pages
youth culture in the 60s
hula hooping
reading french trash novels in the swimming pool
riding my bike to the library
psych surf rock
road trips
my sperrys
safe sun
washing my hair with apple cider vinegar
fleetwood mac
safety glasses
experimenting with vegan recipes from summer seasonal magazines
vintage chunky turquoise rings
clean laundry
baby ducks in the backyard
organic iced green tea
organic iced green tea and vodka
fresh cut ginger plants from the garden in the sun room
open windows / open doors
boat trips on the high seas
free yoga on monday
early morning runs when it's still dark and dewy
the specials
dirty messy hair
falling asleep to documentaries on nyc 60s – 70s punk bands
reading articles by writers i hate ripping apart writers i love
steamed mushrooms broccoli and spinach
the thai temple on sundays
snorkeling in spring fed rivers


Patricia Cruce Carden said...

Lovely, very special. From another born and raised Floridian. said...

thanks, Aunt Pat :)