Monday, June 25, 2012

little gaspar

in hindsight, it was probably not the best idea to go to an island one can only get to by boat during an enormous tropical depression / tornadoes / flooding. with that being said, the weekend was still awesome. and it is always other worldly seeing the sea take over the beach and all of the houses on stilts slightly tilted into the waves. we collected loads of shark teeth. 

by the by, there is a very large and very mean hammerhead named Hitler that lives in the waters around the island and this time of year, these waters, which have the cleanest estuary on the coast, also have the largest infestation of sharks. so the fact that we traveled in numerous tiny, flat bottom boats to get around was not only slightly scary because of the storms and the high tide and the rocking of the waters, but it was everything beneath the surface of the sea.

and dressing for a sunny weekend of beers on the beach, frisbee and tarpon fishing is a far cry from the clothing one needs for natural disasters. not even close to the same thing.

in other news, i have been developing my syllabi for next semester and i am going to focus on american youth culture, specifically the roles of rebels and misfits. i am so so stoked on this and have found some killer articles supporting the writers [okay okay, i am totally going to teach salinger's glass chronicles, etc] and artists [warhol] and music/arts/culture i want to talk about.

so blame it on the ramones. 

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