Monday, June 4, 2012

working on my love.

i have absolutely dedicated my summer to writing and design and all of the labor that goes along with each. and all of this falls between my usual summer work, so my lunch hours are generally spent eating carrots and hummus, drinking black coffee, and hand stitching zippers and corsets and boning and anything else i do not trust a machine to do terribly thoughtfully. it may be very funny to see a young woman hand stitching clothes in a welding shop while she is still wearing steel toed work boots. ce la vie.

i finished the chambray pencil skirt that i was working on and now i am in the stages of developing a corset that, at first, was going to be attached to a pencil skirt, but now i have decided to make separates. i like separates. often i can wear at least one of the pieces to the university, which makes my spring and fall work wardrobe (i work as an adjunct professor) a little larger and more withstanding. 

this is my current project:

this is the outer shell of the corset. each piece is the outer fabric, stabilizer, and lining, which are all stitched together. then each piece has to be hand stitched together because i am using piping in the seams instead of top stitching. 

then i have to stitch in the boning, make the inner lining, do the finish work, then make the knee length pencil skirt, which will look awesome. i am stoked on this design. it has this modern vintage beach look, which is the direction i am definitely going into. xo.

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