Sunday, July 1, 2012

everybody needs a new romance.

between bouts of wandering to the cinema to watch moonrise kingdom over and again, i have been spanning most of the hours of my weekend working on an extensive document that outlines how to start business, move foreign business and grow business in one of our fifty states. i am reading about loans and how to mortgage yourself to your eyeballs to make the american dream come true.

but then i have to go watch moonrise kingdom and forget everything that has been crammed into my skull with absolute immediacy; all the parts i really cannot stand about the government. a terribly removed but sound example of this would be that women are mentioned once in the 80 pages of this document so far. that is when a spouse can get a break on a loan only when her beau has died in combat or died some tortuous and terrible way of an illness/injury related to combat.

i know there are battle cries in moonrise kingdom. but the world is all together different.

it is now 630a. i have been awake since 5a, after sleeping not too many hours but hours raked with strange dreams, and now i am in my wanderings of the world of loans and the people whom live in them. and here’s the thing:

right now, at this very moment, i have 5 jobs. i work at the welding shop cutting and acid washing pipe that will be sent to Saudi Arabia for an irrigation system. by the end of this week i will have completed 1500 pipes. i am working on this freelance business combustible piece, and if i get it done by late this evening, and get it done well, i will get another (though, this time it will be on my beautiful and terrible state). i am meeting with the college on monday about contracts and schedules, i am meeting with the university on tuesday about class curriculum and i start as a writer at the media company next monday. i work. i always work. i work because i love to

i work because one day i want to move some place else and open my own school. and i will be damned if i ever have to mortgage myself, my kitten and my car or have my beau die in battle to do it.

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