Monday, May 13, 2013

published at Burlesque Press

New Orleans' Burlesque Press is publishing two of my poems, which will appear Thursday and Friday of this week. "Cardinality and Clock Mending" will appear Thursday morning, and "Incongruity" will be up on Friday.

Though my poems are not up yet, my bio and photo are here

I'm not real great at bios. I never say that I went to school, and I never say I have a blog. I should say those things, probably, or at least something real neat.

I am very stoked because some of my favorite poems are being published by a New Orleans' journal. Not only is this because I love New Orleans, but also because two months ago today, Tim & I filed a marriage license at the courthouse in Tampa before we left for NOLA. We rented a car and had a wild time. We got matching tattoos instead of wedding rings, met some strange people, went to places that were cool two yrs ago but aren't anymore. We left early, on a Tuesday morning, on a whim, after we had a run in with this awful woman at breakfast, which Tim referred to as "the enemy". We drove five hours, only stopping at an old cemetery to visit Marie Laveau's tomb on the way, and stayed the night in Tallahassee, which is ancient &beautiful. On Wednesday morning we got married in the capitol building. There were no witnesses, just the woman that married us. It seemed like the whole world melted away & it was the most intimate, most romantic moment of my life. So we got married on 3 13 13 & in only the broadest terms, that is the secret story.

And that is the very reason why I am so so happy that such a cool press has taken on two of my favorite poems. 

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