Saturday, January 4, 2014

growing pains

tomorrow is thirty two weeks. for a while today, I was definitely experiencing some growing pains. Langston has these absolute fits of growth, and all I can do is go for long walks until the pains subside. I know I am very lucky that this has been such an easy pregnancy so far, and despite the fact that my winter break ends next week and I am back to work, I know these next 8 weeks are going to be fragile, but I don't want Langston to feel my fear because I know it can't be too easy for him either. lately, I've been thinking about how difficult it must be to come into the world, to transform. whenever characters transform in movies, like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly, it's always with great pain. I asked Tim if it hurt to get so tall, and he said it did, mostly in 10th grade, when he grew 5 inches. I think it's impossible that coming into the world should feel good, and I sympatheize a lot with Langston because if I feel his growing pains, I can only imagine how he feels them. it is probably for the best that we can't remember the start of life. 

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