Saturday, February 22, 2014

Shake the Fruit from the Tree

I'm 39 weeks, and I am eight days away from Langston's due date. Over the past 2 weeks, I have dropped quite a bit of weight, and everytime I eat, I get sick. This has made going to work a challenge, but I'm still doing my best. 

Yesterday, at the doctor's office, the doctor seemed pretty shocked by Langston's size (mostly length: he's a long, tall baby). He's sooo low in my hips, but still sooo high in my bust, that it makes a decent percentage of my movement difficult, and often, very painful. Whenever anyone comments about Langston's size, and especially when it happens while I'm on the doctor's table, I sing Little Richard's "Long Tall Sally" to myself, but I replace it with "Long Tall Timmy", which makes me giggle because of the song's story.

The doctor asked about my height (I'm only 5 ft 4), and she frowned. She then asked if I wanted her to "strip my membranes", but I didn't know what it meant. She explained that it moves labor along, so I let her.

I had a lot of contractions yesterday, and they've started again in the last hour, but mostly, Langston has dropped tremendously and nothing is consistent. I've never been in a hospital bed before; I've never been the one on the table. I'm a little nervous, but I'm being tough because I should be and because I think that not being tough is ridiculous because all women do this, but

The transition between pregnancy and labor is terribly confusing. Every woman I know that has had a baby tells me that I'll know, which I suppose could be very true, I just don't know how to read my body right now. However, at least I've been able to workout again, which has made my body feel stronger, and I feel more like myself. 

I feel like the main goal right now is to just shake the fruit from the tree, but my little lion baby is just clinging to the tree. 

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