Wednesday, March 26, 2014

that song.

That song that makes you feel sexual, that makes you feel cool. That song that makes you feel like chain smoking, like breaking into someone's house to sit on their back porch because it's a nice day and they have a better porch than you do. That song that makes you feel like driving with your eyes closed because it's the middle of the day and that songs on, so nothing can happen anyway. That song that makes you want to be wild, wild like in Band of Outsiders because you're young, you wear coal eyeliner, you have a mean mouth and you like to dance. Nothing can happen. Nothing can happen to you. 

That song's on and you want to call someone you don't want to talk to anymore; you want to go anywhere because you'll do the same things wherever you are; that song is on and you want back. You want to go back to those times you'd disappear and you weren't scared. You want to laugh while your puking out of your best friend's car window, somewhere, you don't know where, but she's handing you a menthol, and you smoke it even if you hate it because that song's on and you think you're hungry, you think you need a shower, but there's somewhere else to go. You're beautiful. That song's on and the weather is fine so you'll do anything. You should.

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