Friday, April 4, 2014

Langston at one month

this morning, Langston aced his one month check up. since his visit at the two week mark, his weight is up to 10 lbs. 10 oz. from 8 lbs. 7 oz. he has also gained over an inch in height, going from 21 3/4 inches, to 23 inches! needless to say, he's maintaining his status as a giant of the 96th percentile. 

also, the doctor was shocked by how strong Langston is. she said that he's acting like a baby that's much older. he's already up to 5 oz. of milk; he holds his head up; he supports his weight on his legs, and he is sleeping through the night.

he's a wonderful baby. I think about how he's only been out in the world for one month, and how it must still feel like a vacation to him, or at least that's how he's acting. he loves to stretch out, especially in his car seat. his long arms hang down the sides. he seems so much smarter than me; so much smarter than most things,

and I wonder what he knows, what's important to him. in the past two days, he's started to reach out to me. if I go away to work, he smiles when he hears my voice again.

these are important things. I write them down because I want Langston to know how much he is loved. if one day I die before he even has the skills to remember me, I want him to know that he encompasses all the best moments of my life. 

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