Sunday, September 21, 2014

on ghosts and going to New Orleans

Tim and I are going to New Orleans over New Years. Official, officially we are going to New Orleans for a writers' conference. 

We've both submitted papers for a panel discussion,

and if we don't get on, that's okay. We're going to New Orleans for New Years, and  I am stoked.

No tattoos, or at least no giant tattoos this time. And no eloping, just a whole lot of everything else we did the last time we were there. Or even more of everything else we did the last time because this is going to be our very first trip without baby, so it's kind of expected that we go a little mad.

I mean, it's New Orleans.

I've been to NOLA pretty much every year since I was 20, but I've never lived there. Tim is taking the LSAT next week, and he is 8 points away from the highest score on all of his practice tests. He's applying to schools all over the country, all of which are in places we both want to live.

What else? 

Langston is crawling like a mad man. 

Also, I am currently wearing a pair of 00 yellow Hurley searsucker shorts that I bought way before I got pregnant and never wore, and I kept almost donating them, but I didn't, and now they fit so well! I'm in better shape than I've been in my life.

Langston is 7 months old, which surprises a lot of people, and they ask how I got so thin. 

Here's how I live now, post baby, which is considerably different from the way I lived prebaby, and some I really had to work at:

I drink decaf, never everyday.
I drink a lot of herbal tea, mostly mint.
I take vitamins, no pills, esp no diet pills.
I go to dance classes about 2x's a week.
I workout with Tim.
I work a lot, but only at work.
I chase my baby &play a lot.
I sleep.
Not much phases me; I'm pretty calm.
I go on weekend adventures.
I'm a vegetarian.

Here's what I eat:

Breakfast: hot honey almond milk or a smoothie with mint tea.

Snack: banana

Lunch: cantaloupe or any seasonal fruit. Carrots and hummus or a small salad with chick peas.

Snack: hot honey almond milk or a smoothie.

Dinner: always a lot of veggies, sometimes with beans sometimes with tofu sometimes with soy-based proteins. 

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