Monday, October 20, 2014

"A Vivid and Dazzling Thing" is published as a teaser in MADHat Drive-By Book Reviews

...and the fiction editor, Carol Reid, interviewed me about the story. 

I worked on that story for five years, starting at the end of October in Omaha, Nebraska, chain smoking someone else's hand-rolled cigarettes, wearing someone else's sailor hat. Man, was I miserable when I started that story.

That story made me miserable.

Tim and I had our first date because of that story.

Then when I finished it, I cried for hours. I was mourning the end of it.

Then it wasn't the end. I kept at it. I cut it to pieces. I changed Henry. I changed the heart.

I kind of can't believe it.
I really love this story. In my heart, I thought it would be one of those secret things. I can't believe it.

Here is a link to the story and interview: MadHat Drive-By Book Reviews 

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