Friday, January 23, 2015

my short story "Squeeze Box" has been picked up for publication in an international journal

last Tuesday, I finally finished a short story that I've spent the last six months writing.  I sent it out to three places, all of which I really wanted to publish in, one particularly that is an international journal with a large readership.

within two hours of sending the submission, I received a letter from one of the fiction editors of the international journal. the letter said:

"Welding pays well, especially arc welding (I was a tool maker). Love the story but must see what my co-editor thinks. You probably have it out at a few places and it's going to get picked up fairly soon, so I want you to know I want this story and I think [my co-editor] will, too. Great opening."

I was so stoked. it was the first day of the semester, and I was 5 minutes from walking into a Comp I class that I had never met. we all introduced ourselves, and I told them about the letter, and how happy I was.

I wrote the editor back, and waited.

the following Thursday, my class returned, and one of the groups brought me a pink rose and a card that said congrats! and talked about how excited they were to work with me this semester.

I was blown away. the card and rose were so thoughtful, such a kind gesture, and it was from people I just met. I decided that even if I didn't get into the journal, I was still stoked: 

a stranger at a journal loved my story, and strangers in my class were kind enough to say congrats.

well, yesterday, during the same class, I received another letter from the editor. it said:  

"Dear Kristen: my co-editor agrees. This is a terrific short story and we'd like to use it in our next issue. let us know that it's still available, and send a brief (three or four line bio)."

so that's it. my short story, "Squeeze Box," is about to be published in an international journal. I'm blown away.

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