Thursday, May 21, 2015

faculty for the Eckleburg Workshops: short story iv

 I was picked up as faculty for the Eckleburg Workshops (housed at Johns Hopkins University), and my classes start next month. Courses are a month long, and you will write three new pieces, and receive edits from me and your peers. if you've taken my English class, it's like that, but more intense: lectures, one-on-one work, and creative writing. and I have this wild idea about fiction that I want to try out before I participate in the UNO summer residency. so sign up if you want to get some good work done this summer :)

here is a description of the course I designed:

Short Story IV: The Relationship between Space, Character, and Consciousness

The Relationship between Space, Character, and Consciousness I Workshop explores the role of the universal sub consciousness and how a writer can manipulate the standards of the Rhetorical Triangle to develop symbols and metaphor that not only build consciousness within the writing, but can also become translations of the writer’s personal experience. 4 weeks. 3 new fiction prose works written by you and individually read and critiqued by faculty and peers. Pre-register for a discounted price, limited time and availability. This course begins the first Sunday of the month. You will have all week to complete your lessons and will not need to login at particular times during the week, but rather, when it is convenient to your schedule. You will have access to class, peer and instructor interaction throughout the week, as part of our comment and forum sections.

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