Monday, June 6, 2016

meditation no. 1 on the relationship between movement and rhythm:

My relationship to rhythm is brief and sloppy, and most if not all of it has been explored on dance floors at clubs and parties, where no one is ever really watching anyone else. At least not where rhythm is concerned. And though I have been seriously studying dance for almost a year now, I am still learning technique. I think I have an instinct for finding rhythm, but lack either the coordination or guts to explore it. I think rhythm feeds on sensuality, on fearlessness, on body control and an awareness of the body's organic energy. And this awareness then extends to the ability to control, to develop and pattern that completely singular energy to that body, that breath. 

This development seems to be found in the relationship between breath and body. This relationship is the catalyst for the movement of energy, which creates spirit. And that's a causal relationship I've never really considered before today. Is rhythm the friction between breath and body, and if we can mirror the breath to the body, can we reveal more of our spirits to ourselves?

Maybe meditation is not supposed to be still, and the act of centering is not an act of stillness. Maybe it's an internalized movement, where our skeletons, our muscles and organs find their placement, like scaffolding, and then the spirit can become completely suspended, touching nothing within the labyrinth of our bodies. As the body shifts around the spirit, it has an inherent knowledge of how the breath will build and go, what parts need what more than others. And the longer this shifting balance is maintained, the more the spirit is revealed. The more it has the opportunity to become a lantern, a heart, an eye.

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