Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a movie about cheerleaders.

so things are super amazing fine right now in that steady kind of way like falling asleep on the sea or something and being shaken awake suddenly, and sometimes, by a knockin wave that is completely off the wall, and sometimes this is very good like a very good party or a very good surprise or a very good laugh, but mostly things are just very beautiful and the sun is warm. and it is real steady. days like that for months on end.

i have not written on here for a while because
a.) i have been very busy
b.) i write in my day journal everyday and it is becoming quite a pretty thing and
c.) hell, once i put something down and commit it to memory i swear it is just as good as a hex. i cannot even remember the combo lock numbers i use everyday at the gym and
d.) my writing come out terribly heavy and sometimes it feels too clunky and though my skull goes on this dreary journey about death and the meaning of life and getting old and all of those things my days are just pretty wild and pretty stellar so the scale between my mouth and face and my hands and skull is sort of off the charts. and i think i would rather think about that on a less public sort of park.

with all that said. my favorite things lately are
a.) riding the motorcycle to the temple on Sundays. b.) dancing. everyday. c.) reading untranslated french poetry. d.) drinking beer by the pond and rating the golfers game on the other side e.) campfires f.) korean karaoke g.) oceanic supermarket h.) experimental cooking i.) saying, "A HA!" when i discover something i look up in my own library j.) tarantino k.) socal boho l.) sewing m.) homemade smoothies n.) riding my bicycle downtown. o.) short stories p.) pulling oranges from the trees for mimosas

and like forever i love my friends

&for even longer than forever i am just like my dad. i cannot help it. the idol sneer and gun show are my go tos. even at a party. but especially at a party!

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