Saturday, August 13, 2011

sherlock holmes dress with cape &bussel

sherlock holmes dress / 100
with velvet lined cape / 75
& bussel / 50

i ordered the fabric for this dress about two yrs. ago but held onto it because i really wanted to make something i loved and i wanted my techniques and skills in sewing to get better. 

i started getting way way too into marlene dietrich

 and veronica lake

&the styles of the 1930s and 40s. so last september i started on the basic dress

and used an industrial coat zipper because the print is so bold and i like the look better than an invisible zipper. 

and then made the cummerbund 

that falls into a long bussel in the back.

and then i made a velvet lined cape (the lining is all hand stitched into to houndstooth shell) and an oversized gold safety pin (which has the same story as the industrial zipper) as the clasp.

all together

and i feel like sherlock holmes.

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