Friday, August 12, 2011

marathon sew.

i feel just like my mom today.

for the past two weeks i have been designing and sewing new clothes and mending and refashioning vintage clothes and thrift store finds. i sold and/or donated everything i never wore; clothes that got too big for me or clothes that are just not part of the way i want my wardrobe to feel or to look. my wardrobe is one of those things that i am terribly attached to and my sewing room is just an extension of all of that. 

the year i was born my mom kept a day diary of all of the clothes she made and what she wore to work for the day so she would not wear an outfit too often. and before that she would marathon sew on her days off, making three piece suits and dresses and such.

this is her at seventeen or so. she made the outfit and the swimsuit:

all morning i planned out skirts and blouses i can make to match sports jackets i already have and it just struck me how much the same things can be.

i will be posting the clothes i am working on soon, at least a few before i leave for DC next week.

this is a pair of shorts i made yesterday from a pair of ink covered jeans i picked up from the thrift store for 50 cents. i love them.

in the meantime, i am going to pick my mom's brain about suit jacket tailoring (i have an electric blue vintage jacket) and a red calvin klein dress i need to alter.

see you later, alligator.

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