Wednesday, August 10, 2011

row row row

it has been nonstop grey sky storming for the past two days, and though i may imagine that rain storms are probably romantic in places like paris or tokyo, it is probably just as dreary there as it gets here. postcard perception changes everything, florida must be for sure the king of postcards.

when my mom was at the chiropractor the other day she came across two contests in a magazine that have cash prizes at the end if you end. now my mother is majorly into these sweepstakes kind of things (when i was a kid she won all of these appliances that hung beneath the kitchen cabinets and flipped out. big time in the 80s) and she always convinces her kids to do so too (my brother and his wife made a video on monday about how their kitchen is the ugliest in the states and they need the 60 grand makeover).

my contests are seemingly more simple. or are they? i would love to make a video. i just made on the other day of cookie playing with my serger while my mom was trying to explain to me for the millionth time how to thread it through the complicated parts and i always get distracted with kittens and such but

back to the questions. question number one was

who is the person you are most surprised to be friends with?

yikes. i have been working on this question for years. but most of the people that would be that shocking to be friends with i am not friends with anymore. and any story of any of my friends that are just as loony as me just feel like i am chest deep in muck and it just becomes much more baited. i was imagining photos of people standing next to people wearing "i'm with stupid" shirts and the like. i decided to forfeit this one. next question

when did you first understand the meaning of love?

give up time. for sure.

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