Saturday, September 3, 2011

"I don't like formal gardens. I like wild nature. It's just the wilderness instinct in me, I guess. "

: Walt Disney.

when I was small, I was ridiculously impressed with Walt Disney. He was my big time book report subject matter in third grade. I liked the romantic stories, I liked the big dress and the distinct and absolute designs of good and evil. Sleeping Beauty put me into a tale spin and the first time I saw Beauty and the Beast with my grandmother and Nick, my mind felt like it was falling into itself. all of the colors-- the books and the yellow dress spinning and spinning-- I was dizzy with the excitement of newness.

Nick and I paid for all of these trips with grandma by crushing cans and recycling them in the recycling machines. and my old grandma would sneak us 3 burgers in her  purse and we would buy sodas at the concession stand and sit in the darkrooms and listen to the songs. Walt Disney's brain is a tangible thing or it was to me then. before the weight of perfection and all of those things. before I knew what fascism was-- it was never a question to me. 

here is a very good love story. i mean a very very good love story:

my parent's met at burger king. my mom, she was seventeen and in high school and she worked the front counter. my dad, he would drive up in his muscle car, his old gold GS, and he would always order 2 burgers plain with ketchup. i think that's what he ordered. point really is, he only went there to see my mom. and she did not even work the drive thru, she worked the front counter. but he did not know that because my mom's friend worked the drive thru. and right when my mom's friend heard my dad's voice, she told my mom, and my mom would work the window, just so she could talk to my dad.

my parent's probably did not know that each of them went out of their way like that because they were both cool. i mean cool.

so after all of this going out of the way, my dad

finally asked out my mom

at the time, my dad had just moved to tampa from orlando and he was still listed as an employee at DISNEY WORLD. seriously. so there first date, he drove my mom to disney in his old GS

and on the way home from Disney, they decided they were going to get married. and they did. one month after my mom turned 18. so see, I can't fault Walt Disney for a good amount of things. And I agree with some things he says, especially about gardening. I spanned all day today planting my autumn garden. so here is the house and all of the plants so far. and love stories are still the best by the way.

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