Thursday, September 15, 2011

sleep zombie.

yesterday after class i knocked out for an hour and was a space cadet all afternoon and evening. i went to my parent's house because my dad is still real sick and my dad is still real down and i suppose i went to cheer him up and make him dinner.

the cheer up part, in most,  i think i can thank for this great grandmother that was arrested at walmart for stealing a bag of cookies while on a retirement home outing. the best part about this great grandma was her mug shot and her sailor mouth, which, one can tell from the photo, was nonstop. if i were a grandma i would probably steal cookies too. i mean, what's left? 

go through hours and days in dresses in heels raising a million kids, might as well get a record in those twilight years. or take up graffiti or something. old people do a lot of nutty things and then they get to blame it on being senile or from another time or something. 

i have never ever ever looked forward to getting old, but i suppose this could be some benefit. eh, i don't know. my dream of dreams is to own a full bedroom set that is completely covered in antique mirrors and glass knobs. i have always always wanted to live in a prism. but just the other day i was thinking about how old i will be when i can actually afford something like that, and how i may not want to look in the mirror anymore by then. 

like this: i want a stark, raving room.

ian thought this was terribly funny. life is so extraordinarily stupid like that. i constantly have this feeling of being my own pet project and running all of these very dumb experiments on myself. it is probably easier to take yourself seriously than not.

so i still have not slept minus that nap yesterday and i feel like a sick-stomach little zombie because i am sick with a stomach flu or something and nothing good comes of this i just don't sleep and none of my clothes fit properly because i turn into this little shrinking ghost. 

 i think i am so sick from worrying about my dad, but i wouldn't tell him that.

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