Tuesday, October 25, 2011

electric blue for me.

best morning ever! not only did i get to span the morning time in the cool weather on the porch finishing up eugenides' new release, all the while in my dirty hair and my geeky glasses, but i got asked to speak at the great american teach-in while also in my dirty hair and geeky glasses!

 this is no minor thing, mostly because i love little kids and also because it reminds me of being a girl scout. but a grown up kind, like one of those girls from hanging rock. and if that is not awesome enough as the best morning ever MURAKAMI'S NEW NOVEL (1Q84) RELEASED IN THE STATES THIS MORNING! 

this afternoon i will be making vegan chili (my parents are coming to dinner), writing, riding my bicycle to the library, reading student papers and hopefully washing some clothes and maybe washing my hair. i am dead set certain the one-hundred-percent perfect girl would wash her hair. 

though, my hair is almost to my shoulders again. i miss the long stuff.

it will be there soon enough. like 8 inches away.

i am completely submerged in the best parts, the parts that make me feel completely electric, when my brain feels the same symptoms of feeling that my heart feels. like my whole body is of equal parts and all these parts are on the same beat on the same machine are moving in some graceful union, maintaining the rhythm the pace of the constant chatter between my brain and heart.

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