Saturday, October 22, 2011

i'll be your doll be your baby doll

yesterday after class i went to davis islands to meet my mentor and look through a few student papers, students that i met with last week. but i was dumbstruck sick yesterday. even my vintage tartan skirt and fishnet boots could not make me feel better, so my mentor sent me home with some local honey and limes from her trees. she wanted me to go home and make tea and sleep. this is what people do, and i did try. i put on my long johns and started watching pet sematary ii and i had the ramones stuck in my head and i went in and out of being in a dream, but i could only do this for a few hours. then i got bored. and my eyes were too much of a watery wreck like an old man's eyes, so i could not read eugenides.

so i put on my motorcycle boots and a mini dress and did what i always do when i get sick. because hell, it is the most common thing in the world for me to get sick super sick in october. so here it is. which means that, as always, i have a party.  so i did. an awesome party last night with a decent fare of vodka a bonfire and smores lots of laughing and games and good times. even some stray cats, the little feral babes, not that awful band.

and having a party into the odd hours of morning especially when one is wild on cough syrup and vodka, means i am a nut. one that crashes terribly hard. my boyfriend is the best because he brought me coffee tissues and cough syrup to wake me up this morning and he cleaned up the party and now he is making the most beautiful avocado and tomato mushroom omelet in the world. 

and then, of course, we are going out on the motorcycle to see my parent's new siberian husky puppy. because what is better for being sick that to just pretend you are not sick, get dressed and go through a day anyway. it is too beautiful outside to stay in bed.

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