Tuesday, October 4, 2011

richard prince.

 today is one of those days that i am prepared to be five years old again. my dad driving nick and i to kinder care in his dump truck, stopping at mc donald's for breakfast where nick and i would split a hotcakes and sausage. and my dad would prepare them for us as we debated over who got to eat from the lid and who got to eat from the plate. and people would be in the sunroom in the front chain smoking and we would always want to sit there, in the sun, but could not. i have such tiny memories of going places with just my dad and nick that it is just like neon. cold days make me think of these things, things i really love

like libraries, like museums. if i cannot be five years old again, i think seeing a gallery full of richard prince prints would be just as wonderful and dreamy. at heart, dreamy is the only thing i have ever been after.

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