Monday, November 7, 2011

commentary vs metacommentary

i think one of the parts i dislike the most about being a social girl is when people talk to me like i grew up in a large dumb dark house on some large dumb dark mountain top, which kept me from any standard basic bland idea that is known to every other man. 

and i suppose the second note to all of this is that i am not talking about strangers. mostly, this is about people that know me and still attempt to school me with bland, boring attempts and outrageous claims like they know me better than i know myself. which is stupid. my boyfriend has known me for ten years and he has never, ever once said that to me.

and also, these very basic very boring ideas would only illuminate some easily tricked teenage girl. but being that i very much dislike being rude in social settings and strongly feel that this half attempt at trickery is very dumb indeed, usually i just move on. 

i wonder how often people think about the last thing said. this probably happens more often than not. it may be more beneficial if one becomes more concerned not just with what he is going to say, but framing the meaning of why he is saying it.

this is all about character, when we get to the brass parts. i am not searching for some deep truth in my social settings, but i suppose i am seeking out the people that have character i can rely on, even if it is just enough to share a drink and a laugh and a dance. not some sloppy generality some buzz drunk blackness.

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