Saturday, November 5, 2011

dancing in the dark dancing with myself oh oh oh oh

my hair is camp fire dirty and i cannot wash it yet because we are taking the motorcycle across the bridge to see some art and see some cafe racers and see some things like this. then this afternoon i have to wash my hair and put on a red dress and boots and go rub elbows with some such people at zoofari, which means, truly, i get to look very pretty in a red dress and drink vodka tonics all night, both of which i do not mind doing. then over to a birthday party.

we went to a birthday party on halloween. we went to a japanese steak house where all the girls waiting were wearing mickey mouse ears and all the boys cookin had their faces painted up like skeletons. and at this place, one has the pleasure of a free meal on his birthday. so we were there among the ghouls as ghouls ourselves with saki in our bellies and everywhere at every table around us gongs were banging and happy birthdays being sung and i felt just like alice, just like how the mad hatter tea party would be and then it went from there.

last night was another party another bon fire 

 another hot tub and arcade game another dance off another karaoke sing off where my cover of "dancing in the dark" my dance moves and all that floor work won the contest. man, i love springsteen

but this morning my hair is terribly dirty and i have bruises on my knees from the alligator and the neighbor came over looking for the things he was missing in the yard and i was in my silk robe in the kitchen slamming coffee like a life force.

and we had every intention of dancing naked in the backyard last night if it were just ian and i and no party would have ended up being so inclined, so instead we carried on in different ways.

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