Monday, November 28, 2011

dangerous things.

i don't know what has gotten into me today but my brain is just buzzing. i wanted to look like george ohr today, 

but that's mostly impossible, so i just made a video.

i woke early and read student papers; emailed a response to one of my students about his paper on personal responsibility and i pretty much just went off on a rant about the dissolution of the middle class:

One would argue that you must spend money to make money and that it is also very very very unlikely that the small business owner will ever ever get to that top 1%. My dad owns a welding shop, and he has to pay an extra tax on every single machine in his shop, every year, even though he owns the equipment the building and all the land. One would argue that these major taxes on small business are what keeps people down. And that often the people who are born with all of the money tend to keep all the money. I would like to see the # of self made millionaires that have come about in the last 10 yrs, who did not come from money. Big business, that top 1% is what is pushing small business out and I feel that big business is what is taking away personal responsibility (big business is government now a days they are run by the same people). They put everyone out of business, in the welding shop case, all of the other shops in the area have gone away and now the government is trying to hire experienced welders that know how to weld around/with diesel, at remedial wages, for dangerous work. That makes me so angry! For the point of your paper, I see that you're working from 2 extremes-- which is the direction this country is going into-- completely destroying a middle class-- and putting the poor in debt to the government and the rich, which completely removes all personal responsibility. Why fight if you don't have any weapons? And your quote on p 6 by Browne, he is right. They have lost self respect, equilibrium. But is that solely on the shoulders of the poor? Does it work out better, is it more likely that 1% will keep their money close, if there is a great class divide that is only becoming greater?

And about food stamps, the only food that is used for food stamps is food that is subsidized (produced paid for) by the government. It is a business of the government. The more people on food stamps, the more people that have to eat government subsidized food, the more food their must be, the more land the government buys up, the more family farms that are bought up and turned into major corporations, the more our personal responsibility is taken away by force, by big $$$$$$$$$$$$. Look at the major companies, like Con Agra, that own and run all our food, the ex presidents are now in the senate or hold major positions in the USDA and as other government officials. The more this occurs, the more we, middle class society, becomes in debt to the government and lose our personal responsibility. And a "  fat tax"  is very very very very funny because it will just be one social system in place (the govt subsidies like corn) versus big business health care (insulin bc of the govt subsidies) and both get paid! Genius Really really smart way to run people in circles.

and then on my way to school, i saw three cops parked in the yard of the only house on the street where African Americans live. and there were two teenage kids out front. i know the cops have been on the street and around the corner from this house for a few weeks, just watching it, all the time. no lights are ever on, they are just sitting in the car watching. 

then there are the swastikas that have appeared, spray painted on everything. i was on my way home today and 2 blocks from the house, at a bus stop, someone had painted a hitler mustache and a swastika on a baby's face on a poster ad. 

today is the very first day all semester that someone asked me about my anchor tattoo; i usually wear long sleeves. i did not today. 

or maybe it is Murakami and especially 1q84 because it is so politically driven or maybe it is because i saw Martha Marcy May Marlene at the Tampa Theatre this weekend and it is all just warping my heart-- warping it in the best way possible. it is the precipice that is always beating around in my skull. that restlessness that moves my tiny world in circles.

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