Thursday, January 26, 2012

lucky duck

when missoni for target came out in the summer, and sold out in one day, i had every intention of being one of those girls that stood in line at the door for hours and hours or being at home in my pjs, shutting down the website. i read all the articles in the fashion magazines, i stored the date as a major event in my cell phone.

but when the day came, i said "eh" and did not go because i figured i did not want the same things that everyone else had. then the entire line sold out in less than a day and i was in bummer city. then in december i found a KILLER copper missoni cardigan on the clearance rack for 70% off and it matches my sailor pants and this gold top i made. it is awesome.

but i have been really wanting a new shower curtain and really wanting to paint the bathroom (and finish the laundry/sewing/scary snake room) and yesterday i found this missoni reversible shower curtain! it was not in their inventory anymore and it was supposed to be a salvage (sent back to missoni) so they refused to sell it to me.  so i pouted and said, thank you anyway, and walked away.. and they put a fake tag on it for $7 and sold it to me. and now my bathroom is awesome too :)

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