Wednesday, February 1, 2012

like animals.

 i take a tremendous volume of photos. most of the photos i take do not end up anywhere, just sort of trapped in date on someone elses mac or nikon or something else. yesterday i went to my parent's house to say hello to the animals while they were at work. the german shepard pup, sasha, is sick and she is on medicines that one can tell she dislikes because she always moans and groans. yesterday i took a photo of sasha. i also took a photo of tiger beat because she really loves her photo being taken. it seems like she lives for the moments where her inattention get attention. but these are all animals. animals make so much more sense.

i took a photo of the sunroom at night, when it is dark and the sunroom looks like an old florida camp lodge, which i love. it makes me feel like i am living in another room in another time. one of the reasons i love ian so much is that he understands this feeling. when he bought the house, it was still full of furniture from the 1920s, in pristine condition. it even had an old iron and an old toaster. he saved these things for me. the house had old coffee cans from the 40s that we filled with aloe plants and orchids. sometimes we tell stories about the old couple that lived here.

often when i take photos, i think about when i am really old. like with a walker with ping pong balls on the bottom so i do not slip and fall. i will have pink hair when i am old. and i will probably be sad that i cannot wear all the tights and boots that i live in now. i think about getting old when i take photos because i think about looking at them later on. i think about the time capsule. and how it really could go either way.

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