Thursday, February 9, 2012

how to boil an egg.

been pretty busy with things. mostly reading and talking about writing and working on the garden and farm. google taught me to boil a perfect egg yesterday, which was fun because it came out perfect and the eggs were from an organic farm down the street. 

it may seem pretty silly that i do not know how to boil an egg because i cook so much. but a.) my grandma always boiled the eggs and b.) i grew up on a farm and nick and i would always have to collect the eggs in the morning and then eat them out of coffee mugs and they were often green eggs and the chickens were often angry and i was traumatized to not eat eggs for a long while. the eggs i buy from the farm down the street are organic and delicious but they have not paid the government to certify their foods organic, so printed on the eggs is this long rant about how they have to tell us that these eggs are not for human consumption and we have to promise they are to feed to our dogs, which i find awesome and hilarious. who knew eating an egg could be such a rebel yell. the world is so absurd.

actually, pretty much everything in my kitchen is local right now, meaning it is all organic fresh food. part of the reason is because ian and i buy organic when we can (so much so that we buy and eat no meat at home) and we just found a small organic hydroponic farm down the street from our house and we can ride our bikes there. the other reason is that after all the holiday festivities and then gasparilla and then the super bowl, i got really really sick. on sunday i was really nausous just riding in the bmw to ian's brother's house in land o lakes. i thought it was because we were driving so fast, but then on the way home he had to pull over and i threw up everywhere. then all day monday i was a wreck. so for the past few days i have only been eating all of the whole foods in the kitchen and taking careful consideration preparing all of my food (which amount to smoothies and salads) and i have been getting back into my workout regimen. since monday i have lost 4.4 lbs and i am not sick to my guts anymore. 

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