Sunday, March 11, 2012

blank generation

 amanda and i as flappers. last night i was in atlanta. this is what happens when two girls that love each other and love the same things get together and drink and act ridiculous. best trip ever. it is rare that i get to hang out with girls that like to be as absurd and fun as i like to be and amanda just makes everything fun and pretty. 

though i did feel like a terribly fancy queen, especially when my hair was all pinned up in tiny buns and my face was covered in the brightest blush i have ever seen. there is absolute pleasure in the absurd. i wish we lived closer to one another. not just for the necessity of being able to completely be myself around another girl, but because it is awesome to never have to hold back never have to think about what to say or do or how to pass the time. we made beautiful hand painted roses and other flowers, we hiked a mountain and had a picnic at the top, we went thrift shopping where she found a wolf hat and i found baby blue fish nets, we went to beauty shops and bought huge earrings we drank we talked we laughed a lot, we went to the gym where she pressed the most insane amount of weight for such a little person. it makes me insanely happy to have one of my favorite people in the world in my family. that is extreme luck.

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