Sunday, March 11, 2012

on jupiter.

since returning back to tampa on friday, i have spanned the weekend driving around the coasts and the rivers, going to the beach and looking at houses on the water. i found a 1969 fully restored boston whaler that i really want to buy. i always talk about living on the water and having a whaler as our smaller boat, keeping it forever, and using it to tow us into port after port around the world. i see this definitely happening. i see this as my definite future.

in the midst of this weekend, i went to a tj maxx in my old neighborhood and found these insane limited release oakley jupiter sunglasses. designed by stanley donwood. they are black and white with waves all over. originally 200 euros.

and between the eyes there is a man in a boat, which is also on one of the arms. on the other arm there is a rat standing on top of the o trying to keep from drowning in the waves.

i need to stop buying sunglasses. it is a serious obsession. i just get so fascinated by a good pair of glasses. i like to keep my eyes covered because in a lot of ways, i feel my eyes tell far too much about me.

so these are good new favorites. dark humor.

after that, i drove out to tarpon springs and sat on the coast line for a while. the wind was cool and strong and we watched the rain fall on the bay, as the clouds came tumbling towards me.

i love florida. and i feel tremendously lucky that i was born and raised in tampa, by a couple that was also born and raised in tampa, by a couple that was also born and raised in tampa and on and on and on up my family tree. i love to go but mostly because i love to come back home. i cannot imagine the feeling of traveling the world on a boat for months, and finally coming into port in my own home town.

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