Sunday, April 29, 2012

les diners de gala

on saturday night ian and i were able to go to the dali museum for free because the ducati dealership where ian gets his bike serviced hosted an event for customers. i have not been to the dali museum since the new one opened and it absolutely spun my skull. 

when i was younger i used to drive to st. petersburg and go to the old dali museum very often. i would sit for hours in front of "portrait of my dead brother" writing and daydreaming.

 but the new museum is all daydreams. it is amazing. and there is even a garden maze and a wishing tree along the water, where, like in japan, visitors can tie there colorful museum armbands to the branches and make wishes. i did this. of course i did.

my favorite things to see where dali's "les diners de gala" which is a series of beautiful, colorful and decadent and strange food portraits that reminded me of marie antoinette.

 also, dali apparently illustrated one of my favorite books of all time--  comte de lautrĂ©amont's maldoror. and the images were just as creepy and beautiful as the poems/stories.

visiting a museum after dark when most of the world is not around makes everything there see a little more like a living tomb. and ian knows a lot about dali, so it was interesting walking around with him and talking about all the hidden and secret parts and making jokes about mallrats and the schooner (my joke). xo.

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