Wednesday, April 18, 2012

say lore

salinger was right about money making people blue. alexander hamilton was right too. too bad he was too tough and decided to go to that duel. things could have been a good bit different. i hate money.

the only reason i know how to do so many things is probably because i hate money so much. man, money is a bummer. 

even when you don't spend it. even if money just sits on the shelf or in the vault or under the mattress or in the bank. you still have to visit it. to call on it. to look through the window and hope it grows. money is the most downright distressful babe ever. even when you don't touch it you still think about it. 

this is something we have to learn when we are tiny and have piggy banks and such things. we have to learn what a dollar is for and how to get it. then we never forget. money is just there, like the moon, money just hangs there. money is that rotten too drunk person at the party that is only fun when he's had enough, only gets all that attention because he is over the top and absurd because he throws things and pees in the pool.

ugh. he is the dude i never ever want to be around; the dude i never listen to. the one that is dull and always the same color. always a rotten snob. always a demanding pain.  

i would rather carve my own axe, cut down my own tree and build my own boat. i would rather skip the party all together and hang out on the roof tops watching the sea waves laughing at the world in the rooms and all those stacks on the shelves. but that does not happen because i had to grow up in the world too.

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