Friday, April 20, 2012

rough & tumble: one day fashion three ways

this is me after working 2 jobs one day no make up and finally home. working at the welding shop is no joke. people assume i just sit behind the counter looking cute, but really i am in a dirty shop, wearing big camel colored steel toed work boots and a bandanna tying up my hair, lugging around 40 ft tall steel pipe and drilling on a jig that my dad fabricated. i say tall because it is stacked that tall on a wall and i have to carry it to the jig, drill about 40 holes in the exact same places up and down each pipe (which is why the jig is so smart) then carry the completed pipe somewhere else. i usually look like this but without a kitten (never mind tiger beat, i was on lunch break) and i wear black and purple work gloves.

i have only been working around the shop a few days a week, but i have already reduced 7 lbs and my shoulders, arms and back are getting really strong. i am a very small person to begin with (I am 5 ft 2 and usually around 112 lbs) so to lose weight and gain muscle is nearly impossible. i have been the same size since i was in 8th grade, which is pretty much when i stopped growing. also, i wake up and have new scratches from something i have run into at the shop. like this one on my arm. 

i have one on my cheek under my eye too. tough stuff. some days i work at the shop and at the university. i start out in that bandanna and those boots and quick change to this

which is why wearing my hair all knotted up like this on those days is so helpful.

because even when it is dirty it looks awesome and i can tie a bandanna up to keep my hair out of my face and when i take it down later for class there are no lines from the bandanna (as there would be if i were wearing a headband). 

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