Monday, May 28, 2012

the sewing room is coming together.

we finished sealing the slate floors and painting the ceiling and trim. we are finally able to start moving things back into the room and hang the shelving. we are almost done! and not only do i not have to sew in the middle of construction anymore, but we don't have to do all of this work anymore! 

it has taken us about eight months to finish the sun room / sewing room project. and we have hardly had to invest any money in the renovations, just a whole lot of back breaking work (there is an old post of ian and i prepping all of the slate, which we got for free, but had to dig it out of here:

so a tremendous lot of work and weekends and working together and figuring out we are a pretty good team. and we got this done:

and yes, that is an old boa constrictor under the table at the machine pedals. he is very funny today. he keeps hiding and playing in the paper and the water. and he sneezes.

i feel like i live on sesame street.

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