Sunday, May 27, 2012

vintage brooks saddle

for the past few days I've been cleaning and conditioning the leather of a vintage brooks saddle.

and I was finally able to put it on my dutch utility bike this morning.

and the japanese saddle that was on the dutch utility bike is now on my vintage nishiki touring bike. i love both my bicycles, but the dutch utility is my all time favorite bike. i like how subtle and functional it is. i love how the rear wheel has a dress guard and the front light is on a generator that works as i pedal the bike. and i like how a picnic basket fits on the rear rack. i love the bell and the basket and the paniers. but what really really made me love this bicycle right when i saw it was the strange "bus stop" and "city" emblems

and how the kickstand is like one that would go on a vintage motorcycle.

the components are all very strong and durable, but it is completely factory (aside from a few modifications that were done since the bicycle has been my own). best part is that this bicycle was found at some thrift shop in some backwoods town in florida. it is a wanderer and white like a ghost; the most transient thing ever.

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