Friday, May 25, 2012

my food garden is awesome.

yay! my pepper plants are healthy and growing! i picked all of these little babes this morning.

 ah! no curses here, but i have been working on the food garden every afternoon and it has been growing like wild! 

this morning i picked a bell pepper, two jalapenos and four tomatoes and i have been eating a lot of broccoli and herbs (rosemary, basil, parsley, spicy oregano and lemon grass) every week. this afternoon i am making tabbouleh from the parsley and tomatoes. 

 pretty stoked on all of this. i guess it does take a few seasons for the soil to get healthy. i have about thirty tomatoes right now too. 

 i do not have any cucumbers yet because my cucumber plants got sick and i had to rip them out and replant more. all in time. xo.

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Talking In Static said...

You are beautiful and I am so proud of you for all you're doing right now. Your hard work is definitely paying off. Love you, fabulous girl!