Saturday, May 19, 2012

when i'm feeling blue all i have to do

this week has been one of those really tough weeks when it seems like the universe is completely out for havoc and fun and spite. and every morning i wake up and say over and over this is not going to be a bad day and then something happens (like backing my vintage vw into the oak tree in the front yard because i have a flu and cannot sleep and i have to push it off the tree to get it in gear or i wake up early to wash the dishes before work and a pan takes a huge chunk of granite out of the counter tops that ian paid three grand for or the ac went out or there was a huge electric problem or the hot water heater goes out because, it's true, all of these things happened this week). and it is not like they happened while the house is this organized and put together thing. ian and i have been working on a pretty large renovation for over a month now. 

but it is so close to being done. two more weekends and the house and go back to its normal, organized and beautiful state with one more room looking like a gem too. i should have just relaxed yesterday, but i did not, and decided to paint the sewing room instead.

ian finished laying all of the slate two weekends ago and we are almost done grouting (the sewing room is finished, we have to finish the step the sills and, the front patio and the back stoop). and then we have to seal all of the slate, then i have to finish painting and paint the ceiling and trim. then we have to install the cabinets and shelves. then we will be done. we are trying really hard to find a vintage glass door to go in the doorway between the sunroom and sewing room. like the doors in that beautiful greek summer house in   bonjour tristesse.

but this week has been pretty overwhelming to say in the slightest terms. whenever i am feeling blue, ever since i was small, my mom braids my hair. and it always makes me feel better. maybe this is why i have never learned to do a proper braid. of all the things she has taught me to do (the sewing the cooking the gardening etc) i have never learned to make the decadent braids that she can construct so easily. she always makes me feel better. and i won't wash my hair for days just to keep this beautiful braids in my hair. i just want to wear my hair up in stacks and buns and braids until it gets so long that i can wear it long again. 

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