Saturday, May 19, 2012

pink neon dress / 50.

so i pretty much love every single summer slip dress i have made in the past few weeks, even on their own without the net dresses over the top. ian and i are going to adventure island for his company picnic today, so especially at places where it can be uncool to wear a string bikini in front of a boyfriend's boss, these dresses are pretty much perfect.

this one is made with hot pink (slightly metallic) double stretch spandex and it fits my body perfectly. and it covers my chest, which is very unlike how the dresses look on my dress dummy. for some reason a dress dummy for my size does not come equipped with boobs.

and it is mid upper thigh, so it is not too short and because of the kind of fabric it is, it will not fade in the washing machine (i do not use dryers on anything but cotton tee shirts). now that i am finished with this series, i am working on some killer chambray pencil skirts.

alright, time to put on some sunblock and go ride some rides. we are going to adventure island next saturday too because this ticket is good for another free day within the next seven! free fun for all! xo.

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