Tuesday, May 22, 2012

super sleep &the dream team

for some reason, when i workout everyday &eat homemade, healthy things, and take really excellent care of my body & mind, i can never sleep. never. ever. ever. sleep. no matter how sleepy i am and how sleepy my brain wants to be and how much those little day dreams want to put the paper moon up in my skull  and pull the shades over my eyes, these things do not happen. instead, i am a dumbstruck zombie reading french novels at 3a and painting my nails and just spacing out on old thoughts and spacing out on things that do not even matter to me. it is like my psyche is wandering through dark and drafty rooms. like my brain is in that old Wuthering Heights mansion visiting all of the old ghosts and madmen for no good reason at all except that it is dark and silent and there is no one else to talk to except the ghosts and the french novelists and the madmen.

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