Wednesday, July 18, 2012

vintage like a robber bandit

went consignment shopping and only spent $20.93 on five pieces which include the following: vintage hunter green riding cap and plum gloves that span the length of my arms to my elbows (pictured above), a short sleeve button up covered in sea waves and flowers (that will look killer with a vintage brown leather pencil skirt i already own), 

 a short kimono style top that is from an old honolulu based company (i have quite a collection of vintage hawaiian clothes) 

 and a japanese print thigh-length robe that is covered in rivers and flowers and beautiful women. i have always wanted a robe like this.

whenever i go consignment shopping for vintage, for some reason i always hunt out the ugliest things i can find (this sounds wrong, probably, but all the wrong things stick out to me) often whoever i am shopping with says i don't know about that... and then later on, when i am actually wearing said ugly garment, that same i don't know... thinks the garment is a smash and never remembers me even buying it. point is, i think the  idea of finding clothes in a stuffy dirty consignment shop / thrift store has a major stigma that makes even the coolest vintage look drab and strange. don't get me wrong, i've bought a ton of no-gos that i will attempt to resew and remake that still look ridiculous, then i just donate them back and hopefully someone else picks it up and knows how to make it look good.

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